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Welcome to a brand-new experience built for students and those who care for them.

Connect with friends everywhere, show off your creativity, exchange information with teachers and much more!

You are what this site is all about. We see what you can do, and we’ve created a site to let your ideas run wild. Where else can you host your own movies and video games, meet new people, write your thoughts, show off your favorite pictures and give shout outs to friends – all without your family wondering if you’ll be home in time for dinner!

On our site, you get TWO pages that are all yours:

  • One is your private page that no one can see except you.
  • The other is a page where students in your school and brand-new friends can view and leave you messages! It’s totally fun and a way you can really show off!

To get started, you’re going to need some help signing up for the website. All you have to do is get one of your teachers to register with us, and they can give you your username and password. Click Here to open and print a form you can give your teacher that tells them a little about us. It's a start!

That’s it!

And even though you can’t do it alone, it can all start with you! Talk to your teacher today and tell them that you want to get involved with the newest craze in schools these days! Let them know they get their own pages too where they can post assignments, talk to other teachers, and show off, too!

For now, see examples of what pages and features you get with BravoMe.com.