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Welcome to the SCHOOLS section of This is one of the few sections of the website that is open to the public. Feel free to browse through the school listings around the world and find your own. If you don't see yours, just click the link to get it added. It's really simple.

Login with your free account, and watch how this section of the site changes dramatically! Your own school page (only your school) becomes filled with faces of those who attend. Click on the faces of your friends and see what they have to show off. Like something you see on a friend's page? Send them a Bravo Point! From there, the fun never ends.

PLEASE NOTE: BravoMe runs on what we call HANDSHAKES. If you are a teacher, you may sign up here and browse through the school listings. If you see a school with whom you would like to be associated, request a handshake! If that school accepts, you've got yourself automatic pen pals for your students and much more. Until handshakes are made between schools, students can only see individuals from their own school. Parents can never see student pages except their own children. There is no obligation for a school to handshake with another, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Please choose from the list of countries below to find schools:  

North America




South America