About Us
BravoMe.com is owned and operated by Los Angeles-based PlanetBravo, a company dedicated to providing rewarding multimedia experiences for children. Since 2003, weíve run summer and spring camps, after-school classes throughout Los Angeles, and have even written School Technology Plans for schools in our area. Our students learn how to make their own digital movies, cartoons, video games, websites, and so much more. Itís all about technology and entertainment! And now, itís all on the web with BravoMe.com!

BravoMe was first dreamt up as a way to connect Techno-tainment summer camps around Los Angeles, and allow campers to show off the entertainment they created at camp. Shortly after, we realized that being rewarded for achievements is a universal delight. Everyone can benefit from BravoMe; not just the children, but those who care for them. People like us.

Students are very important to us. Being elementary school teachers and parents ourselves, we recognize the potential of children and the Internet, but are also aware that the Internet is an open space with many different people surfing around on it. BravoMe is an answer to those concerns, while letting children be children.

Itís clear that with the right permission and freedom, children can do some amazing things. We are striving (and will continue to push forward) to develop a site thatís safe, reliable and fun all at the same time. We canít do it alone. We need the help of parents and teachers to get the children started, and keep them developing as responsible individuals.

PlanetBravo is an organization that helps students develop and share their creative minds. With the use of today's inspiring technology, it's easier than ever to express oneself through new media. Video, Photography, Animation, Audio... it's all at our fingertips. We help you make it and share it.

Of course, since our purpose is academic by nature, we offer this site to schools as a tool for promoting students' self-expression and teachers' networking benefits.

Above all, through our summer entertainment camps, after-school programs, media center events, or your personal place on our site - we allow our members to show off and be proud! Enjoy! We hope to see you inside!