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Welcome to a brand-new experience built for students and those who care for them.

On BravoMe.com, parents do not sign-up their children. We give that job to the teachers due to their verifiable school email addresses. If we were to let parents sign-up the children, anyone with an anonymous email address could claim to be a parent. It would defeat our purpose of a secure online experience for children.

After your child gets a username and password from his or her teacher, he or she can log into our site. If your child is under 13 years of age, Federal Law prohibits continuing without parentís permission. This is where you come in.

Based on the method chosen by the teacher or school, you will be asked to approve your child's participation. This could be by completing a permission slip, or linking the child to your verified BravoMe account.

After this, your child under 13 is free to explore. You, on the other hand, can start to network with parents of other children and your childís teachers, and explore a digital world all of your own!

Before you register, you can VIEW OUR SAMPLE PAGES:

Sign up for an account today and see how great this digital world is. Your child does not need to have an account for you to get started. Heck, spend a few days testing it out first before you suggest it to your childís teacher. Please be advised, you will be able to see other adult accounts, but never another childís account (other than your own child's when he/she joins). Enjoy!

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